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AMEC has always been committed to not only championing measurement and evaluation best practice in PR and communications but also providing the industry with best-in-class tools, resources and education. We believe the industry took a massive step forward in 2016 with the launch of AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF) as seen by the high uptake of the IEF around the globe. And it’s in this spirit of continuous improvement that AMEC set out to drive the industry forward yet again.

The Measurement Maturity Mapper, or M3, is a survey-based diagnostic tool designed to help professionals at any level of sophistication, and from any type of organisation, better plan their measurement and evaluation journey by clearly benchmarking where they are starting from in the process.

The M3 takes users through a series of questions – all of which are rooted in the Barcelona Principles and the IEF – focused on how their organisation, or their client’s organisation, currently approaches communication measurement and evaluation at three levels:

  • Reporting: to what degree does the organisation measure communication outputs, out-takes, and outcomes. This is assessed both in terms of channels, metrics, and frequency
  • Planning: how does the organisation approach communications planning, starting with setting objectives and KPIs, conducting research to inform strategy and tactics, and integrating with other marketing disciplines
  • Demonstrating impact: to what degree does the organisation’s measurement and evaluation go beyond channel metrics, and what methods do they utilise to make relative and causal links between communications and desire organisational results

The result is a relative benchmark – by market, sector, organisation type or size – on where users are in their measurement and evaluation journey, both overall and for each of component.

But that’s not all. In addition to benchmarking organisations, the M3 also provides practical advice for how those organisations can propel themselves along the measurement and evaluation journey. With this output, combined with the benchmark data, organisations will be able to map their next step in the measurement and evaluation journey and ensure they are continuously improving, and striving, for better.

Good luck to you on your measurement and evaluation journey.

AMEC’s M3 Team
Colin Wheeler, Paul Hender, Ben Levine, Aseem Sood

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